MaskBase64: Obfuscation with Base64

Submitted by jabrown on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 22:27

MaskBase64 is a simple obfuscation process that hides a message using a user-provided string.


The process takes the message string (STR1) and user string (STR2) and compresses each, CSTR1 and CSTR2.

The compressed strings are then Base64 encoded and stripped of compression headers, footers, and Base64 padding.

The modified strings are then mixed together in the form of CSTR1[1] CSTR2[1] CSTR1[2] CSTR2[2] ....... CSTR1[n] CSTR2[n], where n = length of CSTR1.


STR1 = this is a test

STR2 = a phrase to fill the space



Obfuscation text = y0vtJUyKCMxgWoASKiJxEOhVZSLjUJ4Vh0IjAL6zuMcleRDKQM4l